Category: Policies

Extending the Live Export Ban

The Animal Justice Party of Aotearoa NZ (AJP) believes the live export of animals is detrimental to the well-being of animals being transported. There has been significant success with the amendment of The Animal Welfare Act 1999 ensuring that no livestock will be exported by sea after April 2023. However, there are parties and organisations looking to repeal this amendment. AJP is committed to campaigning against any repeals that will reinstate live export by sea.

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Ending Animal Experimentation

The Animal Justice Party of Aotearoa NZ (AJP) is committed to banning all forms of harmful animal experimentation. We believe there is a need for Parliament to ensure compassionate research is adequately funded and prioritized. Animals are subjected to harmful and invasive procedures and we believe by requiring the use of alternatives to animal testing wherever possible, we can foster a culture of innovation and scientific advancement.

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Commissioner for Animals

The Animal Justice Party Aotearoa New Zealand (AJP) believes it is time for the animals of Aotearoa to have a voice in Parliament. We are advocating for the independent role of Commissioner for Animals to be appointed to act on behalf of animals to ensure their well-being takes priority. We believe animals deserve adequate protection from exploitation and harm.

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