Ending Animal Experimentation

The Animal Justice Party of Aotearoa NZ (AJP) is committed to banning all forms of harmful animal experimentation. We believe there is a need for Parliament to ensure compassionate research is adequately funded and prioritized. Animals are subjected to harmful and invasive procedures and we believe by requiring the use of alternatives to animal testing wherever possible, we can foster a culture of innovation and scientific advancement.

With many animal experiments being harmful or unreliable, we need further funding and research into more ethical scientific experimentation. The end goal is to replace all harmful animal experiments with alternative methods. As reported by the MPI during 2021. 

Over 300,000 animals were used in experiments in the name of Research, Testing and Teaching. Many of these animals were killed both in these experiments and simply for no longer being useful to the industry. We know that animal experiments are unreliable in regards to biomedical research and yet, we continue to experiment with animals committing invasive procedures that too often do not yield anything valuable. It is completely unethical for research institutions to breed thousands of animals each year, to perform painful and distressing experiments, and then discard them.

The full policy for Ending animal Experimentation can be found here