Commissioner for Animals

The Animal Justice Party Aotearoa NZ believes it is time for the animals of Aotearoa to have a voice in Parliament.

We are advocating for the independent role of Commissioner of Animals to be appointed to act on behalf of animals to ensure their well-being takes priority. We believe animals deserve adequate protection from exploitation and harm.

Organizations such as SAFE, RNZSPCA, HUHA and NZAVS support the call for a Commissioner for Animals. These organizations are on the front lines, witnessing the inadequacies, and are often powerless to act. Aotearoa prides itself on having high welfare standards, but while there are animals housed inappropriately and being denied basic freedoms, we cannot claim this as truth. 

AJPANZ proposes that the Commissioner for Animals will have the authority to undertake comprehensive reviews of the current system and work to repeal and amend any Codes that contradict the Animal Welfare Act 1999. 

We propose that the Commissioner for Animals will have legal jurisdiction over animal well-being, enabling adequate monitoring of all sectors. We will allocate appropriate resources to organizations like MPI and RNZSPCA to ensure they have the capability to uphold the Animal Welfare Act 1999 and we will ensure these organizations enact effective administration of this Act. 

An independent Commissioner for Animals should be equipped to propose changes to legislation and enforcement where basic requirements are being ignored or compromised.

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The Animal Justice Party is the only party you can trust to bring justice to animals in Aotearoa New Zealand.