Pawsitive Change

Our Pawsitive campaign is focused on helping dogs when impounded by improving the Dog Control Act 1996.

Firstly, we are advocating for clear and detailed reports on the following:

The number of dogs entering pounds and of that, how many are

  1. Reunited with guardians

  2. Adopted

  3. Fostered

  4. Euthanised

  5. And, each outcome should be clearly explained.

This transparency will help the government, agencies, advocates and the community understand how pounds operate and the challenges faced. By providing accurate data and information, we can aim to see enhancements across the following areas:

  1. Increase support for dogs in pounds and initiatives to mitigate dogs ending up there (such as funding)

  2. Reunite more dogs with their guardians (such as creating payment options and increased contact methods)

  3. Prevent unfair judgments of dogs in stressful situations (such as reviewing temperament testing and increasing foster program support)

  4. Ensure that euthanasia is a last resort and performed humanely.


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Common Questions about Donations

Why does the Animal Justice Party fundraise?

The Animal Justice Party is committed to campaigning for animals and the environment, and we rely on donations from our supporters to achieve this. The funds we receive from donors help us to run effective campaigns, advocate for animals and the environment, and build a strong political presence in New Zealand.

What does the Animal Justice Party spend donations on?

While our headquarters team is small and efficient, there are unavoidable expenses that come with running a political party. These expenses include registration fees, IT system maintenance, and printing materials for our campaigns. We strive to minimize these costs while ensuring we can run effective campaigns on the issues that matter most to our supporters.

Is my donation secure?

Yes, we use 128-bit SSL technology to ensure the security of your donation, just like a bank does. Your credit card details are never transferred to the Animal Justice Party. We use payment providers such as Stripe, which is trusted by many businesses and organizations globally.

Do my taxes pay for the Animal Justice Party’s costs?

No, apart from the broadcasting allocation in an election year, there is no public funding for political parties in New Zealand. This means that we rely solely on donations from our supporters to maintain a strong political presence.

How much can I donate?

As a New Zealand citizen, or an organization or company registered in New Zealand, you can donate as much as you like. If you donate more than $15,000 in a calendar year, we are required by law to disclose your name, address, and the amount donated in our annual return to the Electoral Commission. Donations exceeding $30,000 in a 12-month period must be immediately disclosed to the Electoral Commission.

Can international donors contribute to the Animal Justice Party?

New Zealand political parties cannot accept donations exceeding $50 from overseas individuals who are not New Zealand citizens or registered electors. Political parties cannot accept donations exceeding $50 from a body corporate incorporated outside of New Zealand or an unincorporated body that has its head office or principal place of business outside New Zealand. Donations exceeding $50 that do not meet these criteria will be returned to the donor.

What happens if I make a donation by mistake?

If you contact us at [email protected] within 7 days of making the donation, we will refund it to you without charge within 21 days. Refunds requested after 7 days will be provided at the discretion of the Animal Justice Party.

How do I cancel a recurring donation?

If you need to cancel a recurring donation, please contact us at [email protected], and we will process your request as soon as possible.

What if I donate to a specific action but the action cannot be completed, or you raise more than you need?

Sometimes, circumstances may make it impossible for us to use your donation for a specific action. In such instances, we will use your donation to support further campaigning on the same issue. If that is not possible, we will allocate your donation to our general campaign fund to be used for other campaigns and our wider work. If you’re not happy with this, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected], and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue.