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Fireworks have been a popular source of entertainment for centuries, but they also bring a host of negative consequences, particularly for animals and the environment.

Lets Ban the Boom. They're our whanau.

Animals can experience extreme distress and fear from the loud noises and bright lights produced by fireworks. Companion animals such as dogs, cats and other pets may run away from their homes, causing them to become lost or injured. Farm and wild animals can also be impacted, as the sudden, intense sounds and lights can cause them to panic and bolt, leading to severe injuries or even death.

In addition to the harm caused to animals, fireworks can also significantly impact the environment. The debris from fireworks can pollute waterways, causing harm to aquatic life. The bright lights from fireworks can also disorient migratory birds, leading to injury or death.

Another major concern is the harm caused to property and people by fireworks. Each year, there are numerous fires and injuries related to fireworks, with the costs of these incidents being borne by taxpayers through ACC claims.

Despite widespread public concern and numerous calls for a ban on the public sale of fireworks, the issue continues to persist. The Animal Justice Party believes it is time for a change and joins the call for a ban on the public sale of fireworks.

By ending the use of these dangerous and harmful items, we can reduce the suffering of animals, protect our environment, and ensure the safety of our communities. We invite you to join us in advocating for a #BANTHEBOOM, and help create a safer and more compassionate world for all.

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It’s time to #BANTHEBOOM!

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