Transitioning to a plant-based economy

An engaging and impactful workshop on transitioning New Zealand to a plant-based economy! Shifting to a plant-based economy is the single most impactful change to reduce animal suffering, whilst addressing many of our most urgent economic, social and environmental challenges.

During this workshop we’ll look at why this transition is crucial for the AJP and explore our policy development thinking so far, before moving into the interactive part of the workshop. We’ll explore ideas together and figure out what seems most important to us to contribute to a sustainable and compassionate future for New Zealand.

We appreciate this transition will take time, and that it must happen alongside financial and transitional support for farmers and the development of attractive and affordable alternatives for both farmers and consumers. There are, however, steps we can take now that will make a huge positive impact. These include banning factory farming, tougher laws, regulations and enforcement mechanisms, supporting farm livelihood transitions, supporting innovation in food tech, and promoting and incentivising more compassionate and healthy dietary choices. Join us as we discuss these and other ideas.

The workshop will run for 90 minutes (max.)

Date: 30 July 2024
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Online (Zoom Video Conference)

Transitioning to a plant-based economy

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