Ban Greyhound Racing

The AJP is opposed to greyhound racing and is committed to an immediate and complete ban on greyhound racing, reflecting our commitment to eliminate the use of animals in “sport and entertainment”. 

Greyhound racing involves greyhounds chasing a motorised lure around or along a specialised track while spectators place bets on particular dogs to win. The inherently risky nature of racing, coupled with the industry’s dependency on over-breeding and gambling revenue, has led to a situation where the welfare of racing greyhounds is compromised. This has been recognised across the world as greyhound racing remains legal in only a small number of countries.

Over the past decade, three reviews have shed light on concerning practices within the greyhound racing industry in New Zealand. We do not believe that the greyhound racing industry can be safely regulated for the animals. The industry has lost its social licence. All forms of Greyhound racing should be banned immediately.

The full policy for Ban Greyhound Racing can be found here.