Greyhound Protection

The Animal Justice Party Aotearoa NZ (AJP) wants animals to be appreciated, respected, cared for, and be given their natural rights. They should not be exploited for entertainment, for profit, or to feed a gambling addiction.

Despite a series of reviews and reports on the greyhound industry over the last ten years animal welfare is still a huge issue, and problems such as data recording and lack of transparency have still not been fully addressed. Forty percent of greyhounds raced in the 2022/23 racing season suffered one or more injuries on the track, and in 2021, in less than one month, eight greyhounds lost their lives.  

Problems with the greyhound industry include trainers fined for assaulting dogs, dogs plied with methamphetamine and other substances, and behavioural problems in rehoming greyhounds, (largely because of their conditioning from pups to run after the lure).   

Even if other problems associated with the industry were addressed, innocent dogs are still put in harm’s way in every race they are put in.  Profiting from exploiting innocent animals is unacceptable, and greyhound racing cannot be fixed. AJP is therefore committed to an immediate ban of all greyhound racing in New Zealand.