Ending the Use of Animals in Entertainment

The Animal Justice Party Aotearoa NZ (AJP) believes animals should not be used for entertainment. In greyhound racing, horse racing, and rodeo, for example, animals are repeatedly put in harm's way, but even when lives aren't on the line, and behind the scenes, abuse and neglect is endemic in these sectors. What's more, animals bred to work in the entertainment industries are too often mistreated and killed when they are not profitable.

Using animals for entertainment is a classic example of behaviour resulting from the hierarchy that humans developed as they learned to dominate other animals.

Furthermore, many organisations who use animals make their profits through gambling, which has detrimental effects not only to the mental health of individuals, but also to the overall well-being of society.

AJP will work toward ensuring no animal is forced into a working lifestyle for entertainment and/or gambling purposes.

Note: AJP have stand alone policies for certain sectors of animals in entertainment including Rodeo, Greyhound Racing, Horse Racing.